Do you suffer from dry skin? Dryness can be worrying, especially when it’s chronic and involves itchiness and flaking skin. If you’ve been living with dry skin, it may be time to take action and figure out the cause behind your issues. Once you determine the cause treatment is easy, especially when you use organic products for extra dry skin bronx ny distributers make available. If your dry skin catalyst is still a mystery, here are some possibilities of causes and how to treat them.

Allergic Eczema

Allergens in the air and environment can lead to eczema, an itchy skin rash that starts as soon as you come into contact with an allergen. Many things can cause an allergic reaction, including perfumes and latex gloves as well as materials like soaps and creams. If you experience itching, red bumps, rough or raw skin, or inflammation, you should contact your doctor and look into remedies for easing the dryness.


Psoriasis occurs when skin cells regenerate too rapidly for the body to keep up with and they build up in thick, red patches. These patches contain skin that has not had the chance to fall off before new skin cells rose to the surface, and they can develop on the hands, neck, elbows, feet, face, and more. There are 5 different types of psoriasis, with slightly varying symptoms, but they all contain: dry skin that may crack and bleed, painful joints, itching or burning around skin patches, whitish scales on skin, and inflamed patches of skin.

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Dehydration is serious because the body thrives on being hydrated to function properly. It’s recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, although some people go entire weeks without drinking anything! Our cells are made of water, and each component of our bodies needs proper hydration to perform their duties within us. Try to increase your water intake for healthier skin and organ function.

Skin problems can be a sign that something is wrong and taking steps to identify your symptoms can make life much easier. Conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be difficult to deal with but finding something to alleviate your symptoms has never been easier with the amount and quality of organic products on the market now.